a symbol shaped like a heart with a sheet draped over it a gold heart with wings


Calamity Home

Before the calamity, there were many deities.

After the calamity, only five are believed to remain.

Out of the essential quintet of Earth, Ocean, Air, Stars, and Nullity, only the Goddess of the Ocean survived. The other survivors each had to take one of the titles to replace their fallen predecessors; the Goddess of Forgiveness became the Goddess of the Earth, the Deity of Color became the Deity of the Air, the God of Darkness became the God of the Stars, and the Goddess of Immortality became the Goddess of the Nullity. With safeguards in place to prevent another calamity, they hope they can protect their world and all the mortals that live in it.

Millennia pass.

There is something growing in the void beyond the universe. A single human stumbles upon whispers of another calamity, of a greater purpose beyond their mortal struggles. There is discord among the deities. There is darkness upon the world. Will the calamity return? And if it does, will life persist? Or will all living things be wiped out for good?