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Here are a selection of characters that appear in the world of Calamity.

Ash of the Nullity

Ash is a nonbinary preteen, between twelve to thirteen years old, who has brown skin and messy, matted dark brown hair. They have been living on the streets of the Seaside City for over a year, accompanied by a hovering ball of what looks like TV static that they call Void. They start their journey by trying to find out more about what Void is.

Luz of the Earth

Bea is a young black woman in her early twenties, with dark reddish-brown hair and a strange black void eating away at her face. She lives in the Mountain Town with her fathers and her sibling. Her "illness" will eventually kill her, and has no known cure — she starts her journey by leaving home to find a cure.

Ji-Hun of the Air

Ji-Hun is a young man, around twenty-five, who lives with his mother and works at the science lab in the Seaside City. He has long black hair and light skin. Unsatisfied with what he's been given in life, he starts his journey when a wind spirit appears to him from the Wilderness.

Scorpio of the Nullity

Scorpio is a young man in his early twenties who is a scientist at the lab in the Seaside City. He has thick, messy red curls of hair, pale skin, and uses a wheelchair. He accompanies Ash on their journey.